3D – the new generation of hyaluronic acid
It’s time to turn back time!
Hyaluronic acid is an essential component in our system. In addition to moisturizing our skin, it also functions as the foundation for important proteins such as collagen and elastin that give your skin volume, strength and flexibility. However, over time, the hyaluronic acid found in collagen and other proteins diminishes, causing your complexion to lose volume and shine.
GIGI's innovative 3D line is comprised of advanced ingredients capable of repairing deep skin dryness and wrinkles, and the most advanced innovations in the cosmetics field, to give back your skin the hyaluronic acid it has lost.
Using 3D provides a significant firming and filling effect for a youthful, bright and radiant look.
So who said you can’t turn back time? With the new 3D generation of hyaluronic acid, everything is possible!