Your Eyes Don’t Have to Disclose Your Age – GIGI’s innovative 3D eye cream is applied to the skin with a vibrating applicator that creates a coolness and firmness feel while applying the cream and contributes to a more effective absorption of the cream ingredients, reduction of swelling and firming of the lower eyelid.

The combination of coolness and vibration helps to stimulate the capillary blood flow and contributes to lightening dark circles around the eyes.

Meticulous use of the cream helps to reduce fine lines and deep facial expression wrinkles, clarifies dark circles around the eyes, reduces puffiness and pouches around the eyes, speeds up rejuvenation for a firm eye area look, enhances moisture absorption and maintains a balanced moisture level over many hours and prevents damage caused by free radicals.

Apply twice a day on clean skin in the morning and evening, using the ceramic head which is ergonomically suited for applying specifically around the eye curves. Leave a little of the cream on, turn on the button on the tube and rotate around the eye until it is fully absorbed.

Hyaluronic acid complex and active materials.