Cleansed and purified skin has never been easier to obtain – Lipacid Face Soap contains 5.5 PH acidity. Leaving the pores clean without creating any irritation or dryness. The soap effectively penetrates the skin, which contributes to balancing oily skin and healing it without harming the natural flora (the good bacterial environment)

Slightly massage a small amount of the soap onto wet facial skin while paying attention to the hairline – where fat accumulates from the scalp area causing pimple eruptions

Zoharpon EAT 70, Water, Zoharteric DJ, Propylene Glyocol, Purton CFD, Ethanol, Acusol OP302P Opacifier, Rewopal PEG 6000DS, Sharomix, Eusolex 6300, Extrapone, Allantion, Methyl Paraben, Citric Acid anhydrous, Witch Hazel, Sodium Chloride.