Dreamy facial skin begins with a thorough cleanser – facial soap aroma essence for combination to oily skin removes dirt, excess fat and makeup residue. The soap contains an active ingredient complex that effectively cleanses pores and balances the skin’s acidity to prevent the development of comedones and skin lesions. Using twice a day will give the skin a lasting matte appearance.

Rinse face first and then lather the soap over wet skin until foamy. Gently massage the facial skin and rinse with water. You can repeat this action twice a day.

Vitamin B5 speeds up the healing of wounds and skin lesions.
Green Tea – contains super strong antioxidants and protects cell integrity. Soothes redness, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and contributes to the drainage of facial toxins.
Cactus extract – prevents irritation, is rich in vitamins and minerals and soothes the skin.
Witch Hazel – constricts pores, oils, and prevents inflammation.