01GIGI Laboratories

From its very beginning, GIGI’s mission has been to spearhead innovation in the field of global cosmetics. This vision is part of GIGI Laboratories DNA and the reason GIGI is renowned around the world by customers and industry leaders as the most advanced and professional company in its field.

Our uncompromising commitment to leadership and innovation is reflected in all areas of our work:

Use of innovative ingredients such as mandible and phytic acid, North Sea algae complex and weather-resistant plants from Tibet, China, and Scandinavia.

Advanced development and manufacturing capabilities that enable GIGI to launch a new and inventive line each year. The result: a one of a kind product: active, surprising, indulgent, and therapeutic.

Groundbreaking approach, which leads us (for instance) to develop a therapeutic series that addresses the millennial generation and GEN Z, focusing on “personalization of beauty and care.”

Full transparency in manufacturing, adherence to international standards and constant quality control to ensure that our consumers receive the safest and finest products.

In depth familiarity with cosmeticians and their work environment which provides us a holistic understanding of their needs and enables us to offer them effective and advanced solutions.

Commitment to environment, to quality, health and to creating pure, clean and completely safe cosmetics products.

An International Success Story

GIGI’s innovation stands out on a global scale. The company’s professional export has grown by 140% over the past decade, and its products are now sold in 50 (!) countries around the world, recently joined by Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

GIGI Labs is regularly invited to participate in the world’s most prominent professional exhibitions, such as Cosmoprof Hong Kong & Italy.

In 2018-2019, the HYALU FILL H.A 3D Care Series and Intimate Care series were awarded the “Innovative Product” award by the British Face & Beauty Magazine, which covers all professional products across Europe.

GIGI’s Team:

At GIGI we are continually striving to grow and improve. Our development team is always up to date on the latest global technological innovations, and attends professional production seminars conducted by international companies several times a year.

The vast knowledge and high level of curiosity and skill is what enables us to produce the most active and pioneering line in the field of professional care, and enjoy an excellent reputation among world-famous dermatologists and clinics.

GIGI operates as a family, where trust and mutual respect are key. It is the way we strive to reach common goals, meet challenges and win. The correlation between our vision and values ​​shapes the way we do things, enabling us to create a global impact with unique concepts, innovative solutions, products that enhance our customers’ quality of life, and to create significant value for our business partners.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

Since 2008, GIGI Cosmetics Laboratories has embraced the principles of a green environment. In line with the world’s leading trends, most of GIGI’s products do not contain porcine, genetically modified materials, and petroleum products. We also make sure to avoid the use of allergy-causing materials and perfumes and to carry out extensive tests, including sensitivity tests, hypoallergenic tests and more to all of our products.

All of GIGI’s products are manufactured under strict quality control, effectiveness, reliability and strict manufacturing conditions. All our products have an expiry date and batch number as is required by international standards and are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, US Standard and the new 2020 European Market Laws. The company’s chemists make sure to work with raw materials that have not been tested on animals, and the designers use recyclable packaging.

The company has GMP, ISO 9001, and Medical Device ISO13485 standards

Contributing to the Community

At GIGI we believe that true beauty comes from within. GIGI employs people with disabilities, supports at-risk girls and women’s shelters and, and provides facial treatments for acne-sufferers. In addition, GIGI Labs is proud to sponsor Elitzur Holon’s women’s basketball team.